Outsourcing parts of the software with relatively low complexity but high impact should focus on the excellent execution of delivery. With our unique modeling techniques, we make delivery:

  • repetitive,

  • fixed priced

  • consistently quick

The process

We'll execute collaborative and quick workshops to discover solutions and model software. We are specialized in those! No more wasting time on non-productive meetings. After our workshop, you will know precisely:

  • how your app will look like and behave (usability),

  • what value it expects to bring, what insights assert the impact (business value)

  • how much will it cost and when will it be delivered

Development process

Development process


With precise Event Modeling, you can easily estimate all the costs. There is no hidden complexity, and the scenario is translated almost one-to-one to source code. The cost of a slice depends on the system, non-functional requirements, and if it is a frame that memorizes facts or shows data/conclusions.

Scenario slice
intention --> action --> fact 500-800 $ ~ 1 day
fact --> conclusion/view/report 800-1000 $ ~ 1-2 days

What's essential is that slices can be delivered independently. This means delivery times are very flexible and depend on the number of experienced developers.


Technology specialization is underrated. Delivery needs to be repetitive & predictable. Thus We are highly specialized:

  • With .net we can run our solutions on any platform: web, mobile, Linux, windows, ios, android, or IoT.

  • With CQRS and EventSourcing, we can:

    • easily get insights into the system, assert if it is used the way we expected (more on that here)

    • easily delete legacy parts of systems, making complexity & cost drop through the development (usually, it is the opposite). (More on that here)

  • with Material Design & Technology, we build an excellent User Experience. (f.e. you will never need to refresh our pages.)

Modeling Techniques

Alignment & effective communication is at the heart of our company. Hence the name: Modeling Evolution. We are specialized in modeling techniques. All our Engineers not only know them but can facilitate & use them in practice. When we hire, these are the first thing we teach.

Check out some:

This is our toolbelt used in ultra-effective communication with You. We won't waste your time. Never, period.


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