Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development:

We can help you turn your idea into a fully functional software product from scratch. We know how to kick off an idea and make it a success. We will assist with strategy and build your first MVP(Minimum Viable Product x N), MMP(Minimum Marketable Product) and MLP(Minimum Lovable Product). With every iteration, costs are under control. Fixed budget& agile flexibility. Read more about costs on our site .

Rescue and acceleration

Legacy upgrade, project Rescue and Acceleration, :

We can take on your existing project and provide the expertise needed to accelerate development and ensure meeting your success metrics. We are specialized in repetitive development, with the use of dotnet core,CQRS/Event Sourcing,Event Store,and Blazor.


IoT Development:

We can design and build software solutions for the Internet of Things, helping you connect devices, gather valuable data and automate. We are specialized in low-latency HD video streamingand computer-vision recognition/classification(ML). Read more about IoT devices in our Resources .


Workshops and Trainings:

We offer workshops and training sessions to help your team enhance their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and development practices. We have specialized for ten years in Event Storming, Event Modeling,CQRSand Event Sourcing.