Starting ModelingEvolution - A New Paradigm in Software Development

Just a few years ago, I observed a team detailing specifications with such clarity that even a machine could comprehend. This was the spark that ignited the creation of Modellution, a product designed to automate software development.


While developing Modellution, I often conversed with customers of various software houses. Time and again, I noticed similar patterns of frustration:

New release was published

  • Project Manager (PM): Communication with engineers is like speaking a different language. The delivered product doesn't match my vision!

  • Developers (Devs): The specifications were clearly listed in JIRA.

Estimates & planning

  • PM: Why is the development taking so long?

  • Dev: It takes time to build a high-quality product.

Devs show UI for new feature

  • PM: The UI is underwhelming. Who approved this?

  • Devs: It functions as requested, the aesthetics weren’t specified.

Devs pitch new tech

  • Devs: We need to adopt microservices / docker / cloud / ... .

  • PM: Sounds overly complicated! Why do we need this?

  • Devs: Because it's cool and everybody wants too.

An issue arises

  • PM: What caused this issue?

  • Devs: We need to dive into the code to ascertain the cause.

Feature released on production

  • PM: Is the new feature effective / is it performing well? Are our customers using it?

  • Devs/Support: We're not sure about user engagement, but the page response time is 300ms.

These recurring issues inspired me to establish a new kind of software house – ModelingEvolution. Here, we prioritize effective communication and collaboration, supported by a variety of modeling workshops. Our proprietary technology promotes predictability and steady complexity and cost management. Additionally, we leverage AI and automation to improve productivity, enabling us to provide fixed cost development, rather than time and materials billing. We believe software development should be replicable and reliable.

Introducing ModelingEvolution: Your Effective Software Development SQUAD

At ModelingEvolution, we do more than just provide software solutions; we deliver trust, efficiency, and control over your projects. Our team, a vibrant blend of seasoned engineers, inventive designers, and proficient product managers, is devoted to delivering top-tier services. Our mission? To help businesses and organizations transform their goals into reality with effective, high-quality software solutions.

Our core values — RESPONSIBILITY, COURAGE, and PROGRESS— aren't just words. They are the principles that guide us in each project we undertake, driving us to exceed your expectations at every stage of the process.

We understand the critical importance of managing costs. Hence, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver impactful software solutions cost-effectively and without compromising code-quality. To understand how we achieve this, you can read more about our unique fixed-cost methodology in our Resources.

Whether you're planning to bring a new software application to life or seeking to enhance an existing system, we're here to help. Let our team at ModelingEvolution transform your vision into a reality that surpasses expectations.

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