Retain in-house,

Train modeling & repetitive delivery

Your core business should not be outsourced. This is where you build your competitive advantage. So let's equip your Team with great modeling tools and software delivery practices:.

Modeling Trainings

Alignment & effective communication is at the heart of our company. Hence the name: Modeling Evolution. We are specialized in modeling techniques. All our Senior Engineers, Designers and Product Managers' Trainers not only know them but can facilitate & use them in practice. Here are just some:

  • Customer Journey

  • Event Modeling

  • Event Storming

  • Specification by example with Gherkin

Event Storming Event Modeling DDD Gherkin C4 Customer Journey

Technology Trainings

We are specialized in following technologies/architectures:

  • CQRS, DDD and Event Sourcing

  • Dotnet-Core

  • RaspberryPi camera and streaming development

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