Retain in-house,

Train modeling & repetitive delivery

Your core business should not be outsourced. This is where you build your competitive advantage. So let's equip your Team with great modeling tools and software delivery practices.

Modeling Trainings

Alignment & effective communication is at the heart of our company. Hence the name: Modeling Evolution. We are specialized in modeling techniques. All our Senior Engineers, Designers and Product Managers' Trainers not only know them but can facilitate & use them in practice. Here are just some:

  • Event Modeling

  • Event Storming

  • Customer Journey

  • Specification by example with Gherkin

## Technology Trainings

We are specialized in the following technologies/architectures:

  • CQRS, DDD and Event Sourcing

  • Dotnet-Core

  • RaspberryPi camera and streaming development

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